The Value of Your Gift


During the summer of 2015, the University of Bridgeport was selected to receive a $220,000 Department of Education Student Support Services grant (SSS) to retain disadvantaged students by providing them comprehensive academic support. The SSS grant was awarded through a competitive process to institutions of higher education that provide students with opportunities for academic development, assistance on basic college requirements, and other programs that enable them to successfully finish college.

Here at UB, we are committed to making sure our students finish what they start and be as successful as possible in the process. The SSS grant is a clear indication of our commitment to our students, but the grant alone can’t help all students succeed – we need your help.

Every gift to UB is an investment in the mission of the University. Each year the gifts from alumni, parents, community members, faculty, and staff are put to work making improvements to campus, attracting and retaining top-rate faculty, enhancing classroom and learning spaces, and providing students with a variety of activities to participate in outside of the classroom. Donors to UB can choose to direct their gift to a program they feel passionate about, or simply support the Annual Fund which provides the University with the ability to spend funds where they are needed most or create new opportunities for our students. Regardless of where the donation is allocated, UB supporters can be certain that their contribution is having an immediate and meaningful impact on campus.

If you have questions about the impact your gift will have, or to speak to someone directly about supporting UB, please contact Robert Cottle, Vice President for University Relations at 203-576-4696 or


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